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COVID-19 agent resource center (The Hanover Insurance Group)

With each passing day, we learn more about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. And, more questions come in to you and to us about our business operations. Please know that as the COVID-19 pandemic brings us into uncharted territory, we are committed to doing our part to minimize the spread of the virus while also providing responsive service to you and your customers.

We've created our COVID-19 agent resource center so you'll have the latest details from us at the ready. Throughout the outbreak we will update the information in our resource center as quickly as we have answers to new questions and circumstances that arise.

Answers to questions we've received We know you and your customers have coverage, claims and billing questions. Here are answers based on what we know now. As always, each situation is unique and assessed individually in accordance to the protection package in place and the specific circumstances presented.

How are you helping policyholders who are facing financial hardship? We understand many of your customers are worried about finances and employment. In this unprecedented time, and always, our team is prepared to help with billing and payment questions. As a first step, proactively we have placed a 60-day hold on all cancellations for non-payment for all customers through 6/1/2020, unless a later date is required by a specific state. During this time, we will continue to send bills, but we will not cancel for non-payment and late fees will not be assessed. If you believe that one of your customers will need this assistance, please have them reach out to our billing team as soon as possible at 800-922-8427. Throughout this pandemic, we will work to understand your customers’ circumstances and determine what solutions might be viable. You may contact us at for PL accounts or for CL accounts.

+What are some of the options The Hanover might offer to policyholders facing financial hardships? Proactively, we have placed a 60-day hold on all cancellations for non-payment for all customers, unless required longer by a specific state. During this time, we will continue to send bills, but we will not cancel for non-payment and late fees will not be assessed. In addition, on a case-by-case basis, we will consider the following flexible options for customers who indicate that their financial situations was/is impacted by the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) actions:

  • Move the current billed amount to the end of the policy term, if possible

  • Re-spread the current billed amount over the policy term

  • Stop/delay non-payment cancellation activity

  • Waive related late fees upon request

Should none of the above seem feasible, we will carefully consider other options.

+Do you anticipate any impact to EFT payments or the EFT schedule? We have no plans to deactivate EFT. Customers who wish to deactivate their EFT may do so using My Hanover Policy. If customers deactivate EFT and need to make arrangements, they are asked to contact a member of our billing team at 800-922-8427.

+How can customers obtain their invoices if they are not able to access their mail? Customers who aren't able to receive invoices due to a location closure or interruption of mail services can sign-up for ebilling through My Hanover Policy and receive email notifications as new invoices are available.

+Will you allow customers to make mid-term billing changes? Customers are able to make EFT changes through My Hanover Policy. Agents can make EFT changes and payment changes via the contact centers.

+How is The Hanover handling agency bill payment accommodations? The Hanover will accommodate agencies on a case-by-case basis and provide 30-to-60-day relief on payments. If you have a customer with this need, please reach out to your agency accounting contact and advise when the customer expects to make the payment. A reminder that we do not have an automated cancellation process for agency bill, therefore, there is no risk a nonpayment situation will result in a cancellation notice.

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